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I’m getting married. Yep, that’s right, married. In April.

She calls me “Mr. Negativity” because I always see the darker side of everything. I say to her, “Gosh, you’re an upbeat lady,” (from the movie “Groundhog Day.”) We are perfectly matched for one another.

She’s short and I’m tall. Thirteen inches taller. We were meant to be together.

If she eats sugar without protein in her stomach, she gets a blinding headache that makes her sick. She drinks coffee with caffeine. I could eat a pound of Skittles candy non-stop without really thinking about it. Caffeine keeps me up all night. We are soul mates.

I can dance like there’s no tomorrow. I love to sing and I can play the guitar. She can’t keep a beat. We fit like a hand in a glove.

My favorite color is black. I’m not much of a sun worshipper, so I don’t have a tan. I eat meat and I’m a great cook. She wears bright orange sweaters. They go well with her bronze skin. She’s a vegetarian and I do all the cooking. We belong together like pork and beans.

I love her and she loves me. It’s a good thing we have so much in common.