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I saw a video blurb on CNN recently about child-actor Kirk Cameron handing out “annotated” versions of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. It seems Cameron and the religious group he belongs to wrote a preface to the work and printed up some 200,000 copies to hand out on college campuses. The preface purports to debunk evolutionism in favor of creationism. What it actually does is call into question Darwin’s character, insinuating that he was a racist, that his ideas were responsible for the development of Nazism in Hitler’s Germany, and that he was sexist towards women.

Although the character assassination is in itself abhorrent and should be condemned, what interests me about this is how ignorant people can be when they let themselves be blinded by science or religion. Science has categorically proved that the process of evolution is a fact and does indeed happen in nature, and scientists have done so with all the requisite documentation and scientific rigor. Don’t hate on Charlie just because he proved this. What has not been proven is that the process of evolution as we know it occurs today is what led to the creation of man.

Einstein wrote, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” I really wish the evolutionists and the creationists would both get their stories straight.